Executive Committee

The executive committee establishes the general guidelines and direction for executing the mission of the Commission. It does this by developing and reviewing Commission policies, acting on urgent business that cannot await a full Commission meeting, setting Commission meeting agendas, directing and overseeing the work of the various Commission committees. The executive committee is comprised of the Commission Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

Research, Policy & Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee determines how the commission will specifically address issues as they relate to women in Tucson/Pima County. It plans events, writes policies and researches these issues. Examples of issues the advocacy committee has worked on in the past include: pay equity, international women’s day, healthcare, employment discrimination, reproductive rights, domestic violence, immigrant women’s rights, LBGT rights, prisoner re-entry, women in the skilled trades and underrepresented professions.

Standing Committees

FINANCE 1.      Trina Callie
2.      Maxine Goodman
3.      Courtney Frogge
2.      Shirley Muney
RESEARCH, POLICY & ADVOCACY 1.      Margaret Higgins
OPERATIONS (Building) 1.      Annie Sykes
2.      Maxine Goodman
3.      Sheila Tobias (volunteer)
NOMINATING 1.      Maxine Goodman
2.      Shirley Muney